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Lawn Services


With SLM as your lawn partner, you'll have confidence that your lawn maintenance needs are being met. We strive to monitor the long-term health of your lawn, focusing on cost effective solutions to protect and enhance the investment you have made.


Our Lawn Care Maintenance Programs provide both commercial and residential customers with the horticultural services you need for the longevity of your landscape investment. 

•    Mowing, Edging, Trimming, Blowing 

•    Tree and Shrub Pruning

•    Seasonal Color Install and Care 

•    Complete Flowerbed Maintenance 

•    Leaf Removal 

•    Mulching/Pine Straw Services


SLM has fully trained staff in all aspects of irrigation systems. Water management is essential to maintaining a beautiful healthy lawn and landscape.


  • Complete Design and Installation

  • System Start-up and Shut-down / Winterization

  • Maintenance/Repairs

  • Water Management

  • Monitoring


Our irrigation service division combines both science and technology to apply the best water management practices in the industry. 


We operate vehicles that are fully stocked with equipment, irrigation supplies and materials to readily perform any installation or repair we may encounter on your property. 

Drainage and Erosion

Controlling water is essential to having well maintained and groomed grounds while being in compliance with environmental safety conservation.


  • French Drains

  • Bio-swales

  • Corrective Grading

  • Retaining Walls Designed & Built

  • Silt Fence

  • Wheat Straw Blankets

Lawn Aeration

Homeowners often overlook problems associated with soil compaction. Insects, diseases, nematodes, improper watering and/or a lack of fertilizer are often blamed for a lawn's decline when the real culprit is compaction. The problem starts when the top 4 inches of the soil become compressed; thus impeding the movement of air, water and nutrients to the grass roots. This stresses the grass, making it less able to compete with weeds and slow to recuperate from injury. In time, a compacted lawn needs renovation. 


If soil is compacted, the solution is straightforward: aerate. The practice of physically removing cores of soil and leaving holes or cavities in the lawn, is defined as core aeration or aerification.


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